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Risk management experts 6clicks launch mobile app

‘6clicks Risk Review for Teams’ set to revolutionise business’ approach to risk assessment

6clicks, a leading Australian Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enabling companies to automate vital risk assessment, compliance and ISMS processes, has launched a mobile app, 6clicks Risk Review for Teams.

On a mission to revolutionise the risk review process, 6clicks have delivered an app that is easy to use, data-driven, team orientated, and a little fun to use.

Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Stevens, said the app was designed for individuals, project management teams, boards, directors, CIOs, CTOs, consultants and executive teams alike to help support risk reviews.

“We think that getting data – and perspective – from everyone across the team, and leveraging their diverse backgrounds and collective experience, is critical in the realm of risk management,” he said.

“What makes this mobile app so unique is that we designed it for both you and your team.”

6clicks’ own team of experts know that to achieve an effective risk review, companies need access to extensive risk ‘libraries’ as a point of reference. Yet all too often, they are inadequate, or simply don’t exist.

“What we’ve included in the mobile app are risk libraries that are general, related to project boards and projects, as well as ones that are more specific – related to cyber security, business continuity, pandemics, and the environment,” Anthony explained.

“Then if you need something else that’s more specific, or unique to your business or project, you can simply create your own.”

In illustrating how the app works, Anthony showed how users consider the risks which may be relevant to a business or project, then think about whether or they are applicable. 

“If so, swipe right. If not, swipe left.”

The app also provides risk assessment: where users rate the likelihood of that risk occurring, and the impact that the risk would have on a business or project if it occurred. 

6clicks Risk Review for Teams simplifies the process of running risk reviews, from any location, embracing team members and stakeholders with varying levels of access and at multiple touchpoints, from the palm of the user’s hand. 

“There’s so much opportunity to save time and money,” Anthony said. “Once you’ve finished your risk review, you can get your risk matrix delivered via email to your inbox in seconds – so effective in supporting your next meeting, or presentation.” 

6clicks Risk Review for Teams is free to use and available in the App Store now.

Visit https://6clicks.io/mobile-app/ to find out more.