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Consider Fur-Friends Facing Isolation with their Humans

With pet adoptions surging since COVID-19 isolation measures, Aussie personalised pet product business, IdPet, has shared tips to help pet-parents deal with a new fur-kid in the house and ideas to catapult their ho-hum pet play to paw-sitivly paw-some.

With a passion for pets, and pet-mum to two rescue Spoodle canines herself, Katrina Thomson from IdPet (www.idpet.com.au) says that welcoming a pet into your home should be viewed as a long term partnership. 

“Our fur-kids shower us with love and our physical and mental health and wellbeing benefit from having them around.”

“So, it seems fair that we put in the effort to spend quality time with them. There is no better time to plan for pet play, now that we’re all facing extended periods of isolation at home.”

IdPet has shared some of the top activities and actions, to keep you and your new or long-time pet-pal stimulated during isolation.

Walk for Exercise – Use Your Leash as a Guide for Social Distancing
Your dog is your best walking buddy and they can even help you abide by social distancing rules. IdPet’s standard lead length is 1.5 metres long and the perfect physical indicator of the distance you should be from other dog lovers when out on your daily walks.

ISO Homecoming and Birthday Celebrations
We may be confined to stay indoors, but there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate having a new fur-kid in the home. Get the ultimate starter pack – IdPet’s Personalised Puppy Essentials Pack - sent directly to your door with all the essentials you need for a new cat or dog. Or surprise your doggo with IdPet’s Personalised Birthday Pack to celebrate a birthday or adoption day.

Support Aussie Pet Businesses
Like many businesses affected by COVID-19, Australian pet businesses are doing it tough. Support the small guys by buying local online. IdPet recently worked with brands such as Laila & Me, Happy Jack Co, Nude Pets, Capable K9s, Town & Country Vet Nursing, and Miss Drew’s Bakery and Dog Café to create the first-ever Pet Stimulus Package to give our fur-friends toys, leads, treats and more to help them cope with the human overload.

Don’t Panic - OH CRAP Biodegradable Poo Bag in stock!
We’ve all heard of the panic buying of toilet paper during these extraordinary times. To ensure our fur-pals and their humans can remain calm and clean for those daily doooties, IdPet has committed to giving all orders over $30 a complementary ‘OH CRAP Biodegradable Poo Bag’ roll to clean up those doggy number twos.

Watch a Movie
Snuggle up with your pet pal and appreciate the power of pets in the many movies that feature our beloved four-legged friends. The top 10 dog movies as voted by the IdPet Crew include Lady and The Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, A Dog’s Purpose, Marley and Me, Red Dog, Secret Life of Pets, Best in Show, Beethoven, Hotel for Dogs and Oddball. 

Consider Your Pet After Isolation
Start planning for activities for your pet after isolation. After having so much time with their pet-parent, fur-kids are going to need to remain stimulated when it’s time for you to go back to work. Consider getting a few play toys with squeakers or treats like an all-natural Goat Horn that will keep them occupied for extended periods. Pet parents should also purchase a personalised ID Tag for their pet that includes the pet’s name and pet-parent contact details if their doggo or kitty wanders.

For more information about IdPet, visit www.idpet.com.au.

About IdPet (www.idpet.com.au)
Katrina Thomson, an Australian PetPreneur, recognised this massive and changing market and has launched a range of products for pets with personality. Thomson established IdPet in 2013 to cater to pet owners who wanted to showcase their pet’s personality. The first of its kind in Australia, IdPet completely changed the look of pet products. Bowls, collars, leads, toys, coats and more can all be branded with pet’s names and even their photos. Thomson is passionate about providing quality personalised products, created in Australia, that people can afford.

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