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Euclideon help 'Visualise the Future' with new 3D software release

Euclideon has released the latest version of it’s cutting-edge Vault Client software for Windows, a major new release that incorporates ground-breaking tools for visualising massive 3D datasets and associated information. The release comes as the Australian-based company responds to increasing demand from its customers to find new ways of handling the massive file sizes generated by scanning and capture processes such as LiDAR, photogrammetry, BIM, CAD and IoT live data feeds.

The release incorporates – among many other new features – a completely reworked user interface which both simplifies the experience for the first-time user, and adds powerful new tools for geospatial experts, including new ways interpret 3D data, even down to the miniscule detail of an ocean floor or cracks on a roadway. Euclideon Vault allows customers seamless software navigation and deeper access to Euclideon’s best-in-class massive planet-sized Point Cloud global rendering tools, speeding up workflow and enhancing the overall user-experience.

The refined UI gives way to a simplified, vertical toolbar that runs down the left hand side of the screen, and save for a few other tiny icons, the remainder of the default viewing frame remains conspicuously minimalist and open for the core purpose that the software exists: to view 3D data. While at first impression, this may seem like a less-is-more approach, users can be assured the new features and user interface alone are well worth the discovery time.

For several years, Euclideon’s patented Unlimited Detail rendering ability has revolutionised the way customers view, convert and stream planet-sized 3D data across a huge spectrum of industries, fromtransportation to military, mining to universities, aerospace to underwater. In recent months, a shift in focus to the ambitious project of creating a digital twin of the entire globe has captivated the team of Euclideon developers, and already the breathtaking results are starting to materialise much sooner than anyone expected.

The immediate impression upon launching into the latest version is that this new release takes the already industry-leading Vault Client into new visual territory. Recently added support for aerial satellite map tiles underneath a geolocated 3D dataset anywhere in the world has given rise to a striking, fully-interactive composite globe, which now greets the user immediately upon login – a daring canvas upon which to begin the journey of exploring and combining 3D datasets in totally new ways.

Further proof that the new release has enhanced the eye-candy available for users is found in the new atmospheric scattering feature, a display mode that enables the user to create aesthetically beautiful time of day effects behind their massive 3D datasets – a sunset over the horizon, sunrise over a mountain range or noon over a cityscape.

Even more impressive is that while the latest version provides many visual improvements and capabilities, Vault Client has not lost it’s unrelenting focus on accuracy, continuing to provide a whole host of powerful GIS features and survey-grade measurement tools for geospatially-referenced point cloud datasets, as well as breakneck speeds of conversion, streaming and model comparison. Euclideon Vault empowers an immersive experiences, providing new ways to visualise assets, check status, perform analysis, generate insights and make better decisions. It’s never been a more satisfying time to interact, discover and share a digital twin model for streamlined integration, deep collaboration and comprehensive understanding of highly detailed unlimited 3D projects.