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Online platform helping communities to support business

Helping businesses to survive in the pandemic

One community-driven organisation attempting to help businesses lessen the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis is West Australian-based, B2Me Australia.

Established in 2018 by community development specialist, Dr Ray Bartell, B2Me Australia is an online service finding platform allowing small to medium-sized businesses across all industries to offer their professional services to the wider community throughout Australia.


 “B2ME Australia is a service-finding, reputation-driven platform that connects professional service providers with consumers recommended by friends or affiliate communities as well as the broader marketplace, in a way that builds valuable relationships, trust and rapport,” said Dr Bartell. 

One of the impacts that Covid-19 has had in the general community is the increased awareness to support local businesses and with social distancing in place, the use of technology becomes increasingly relevant.

“B2Me is a great tool for individuals, families, businesses and community groups trying to navigate their way through these challenging times. The B2Me platform enables people to access, connect and engage with service providers within their community groups and wider associations,” said Dr Bartell.

“B2Me exists to help people to find and cultivate their ‘village’ - this is more important now than ever before, because we believe that when individuals thrive, communities flourish.”

According to Dr Bartell the online platform takes the hassle out of sifting through numerous unknown recommendations of many social media networking sites like Facebook.

“A platform used to find trusted service providers endorsed by others in the community of which you belong, is one in which schools in particular, not just state-wide but Australia-wide, have embraced as families are able to easily find a reputable businesses operating within their community group or locality – it’s a win-win situation.

“For instance, people may want to have access to good accountants right now – needing tax advice they can make sense of – particularly with the stimulus safety net packages – there is so much information coming out now from the government that it can be overwhelming.

“The uncertainty and economic impact of the pandemic is enormous. What has been amazing to see is those small businesses who have experienced significant impacts such as forced closure or loss of business, pivoting and thinking outside the box in order to keep their doors open - for example, florists turning to delivering veggie boxes, and breweries manufacturing hand sanitiser.

Job losses have led some to look at freelance opportunities and get creative in the types of services they can offer. B2Me supports all these efforts by allowing those individuals and businesses to be seen and supported by their community”.

Whether you are a business owner, or an individual seeking the services of providers, a sporting club, school, or a community group - get on board - sign up to B2Me Australia – and support your local businesses. https://b2me.com.au/

Schools looking to get on board with B2Me Australia o help support their local family businesses will be joining a wide variety of nationwide educational facilities on the west coast as well as those in the eastern states including:


St George’s College, Perth

Prendiville Catholic College, Ocean Reef

John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School, Mirrabooka

Lake Joondalup Baptist College, Joondalup


Crest Educational

Bayside Christian College, Langwarrin South


Mueller College, 

The Lakes college, North Lakes


Launceston Christian School, River Side

Leighland Christian School, Ulverstone

Schools can find out more by visiting - https://b2me.com.au/schools

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Drawing on his work in Papua New Guinea, Dr Bartell has completed his PhD exploring the local governance systems of schools looking in-depth at the foundations for effecting positive change. 

Dr Bartell has served on numerous local and international boards over the course of his career, and is currently serving on the board of Alta-1 Australia.