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Bitglass shows how to deal with SaaS issues

Announcement posted by PR Deadlines 19 May 2020

Software-as-a-Service applications like Confluence, Jira, and Salesforce have arisen as indispensable tools, but new security solutions and strategies are needed in order to keep data safe.

Confluence and Jira work in unison to provide organisations a big-picture perspective on development, tracking, and documentation.

Meanwhile, Salesforce delivers CRM services that allow organisations to bring these development projects to fruition at market.

However, the use of such cloud tools creates issues that require new security solutions and strategies to keep data safe. As the next-gen cloud access security broker, Bitglass is ideally positioned to help organisations protect their data in these and other SaaS apps.

A webinar on June 2 in Australia and New Zealand delves into the issues and outlines the solution. Specific topics are:
  • The ins and outs of securing Confluence, Jira, and Salesforce with Bitglass
  • What steps can be taken to allow only proper access to these applications
  • How to ensure that data at rest in the cloud is secure.
The speaker is Samantha Nguyen, Product Manager at Bitglass. A graduate from UC Berkeley, Sam began her career as an engineer at Intel before moving on to Bitglass as a Product Manager. At Bitglass, she focuses her efforts on growing their API integrations, Shadow IT Discovery, and CSPM.

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