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Adrian Ramsay Design House Colour Challenge offers Creative Inspiration.

Announcement posted by The Big Smoke Media 20 May 2020

Covid-19 with its forced lockdowns and stay-at-home message is making us do just that; stay at home. Kids are being schooled at home, and many adults are working from home; and with all our time spent in the one place, we are looking at our surroundings d

Whether it’s a minor revamp or a complete renovation, many people are taking the time to make changes to their spaces for simple aesthetic or practicality reasons. Nothing encourages change more than being in the same place, and nothing spurs creativity more than the inspiration and time to make those changes happen.  

Adrian Ramsay from Adrian Ramsay Design House feels that creativity is one of the benefits of the Covid-19 crisis. Many families have gone back to basics; simple crafts are being taken up in record numbers to relieve the boredom and stress of the situation.  

Colouring and drawing are the most accessible forms of creativity, and have numerous benefits for the kids and the family; they are the basis for other creative outputs, are a key element in education to develop interest in design, and can improve focus and fine motor skills. These simple activities enable us to spend time together with improved mental and physical development being a key benefit.

Colour is King.  

Adrian and his team have launched the Colour Challenge competition as, “colour is one of the most critical elements of design to promote comfort and productivity, control mood, and express personality.”

Colour is also the simplest and most cost effective way to change our surroundings and give our homes a facelift.  

The Colour Challenge competition enables the whole family the opportunity to get experimenting, and if you are looking at a revamp of your colour scheme or other renovation, offers the opportunity to win a Virtual Discovery meeting (valued at $1280) with Adrian and his team. The kids can also experiment with colour schemes to go into the draw for prizes of creativity packs.  

Adrian Ramsay Design House and some of their partners will be selecting the winners for this amazing competition at the end of June. There are 2 prizes each in the adults and kids categories.  

Once you have coloured your favourite downloaded pictures, upload them to Facebook : tag #adrianramsay  #AdrianRamsayDesignHouse  and we will enter you into the challenge.

They are waiting to see your amazing creations, so if you are serious about creativity, and want the opportunity to work with Adrian and his team, it’s time to get colouring now!