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Organisations Embrace the Elcom Digital Workplace Platform to Support Remote & Flexible Workforces

Amid this crisis, technology is playing a key role in helping organisations connect, communicate and collaborate with a geographically dispersed workforce.

Elcom, a leading Digital Workplace Platform used by over one million end users, has seen a surge in usage and participation across its intranet and portal deployments as organisations embrace technology to support their newly remote workforce. With compulsory work from home policies extending beyond initial expectations due to COVID-19 concernskeeping staff engagement and morale high is now a pressing issue. Amid this crisis, quick to deploy and easy-to-use platforms such as Elcom, are playing a key role in helping organisations connect, communicate and collaborate with geographically dispersed workforce. 

For many office-based staff, working from home is a relatively new experience. While there have been significant advances in cloud-based workplace technology in the past decade, only 30% of the population regularly work from home, up a modest 6% from 2009. These flexible working arrangements are set to continue aorganisations put in place measures to avoid full office occupancy, such as staggered staff reintroductions to the office, rotating shifts for those who work in the office and at home, and in some cases, hybrid teams that leverage appropriate people depending on the circumstances on a week-by-week basis.  

This prolonged social isolation can lead to a lack of motivation, low morale and disengagement. To combat this growing trend, organisations are systematically looking at improving and maximising their remote working infrastructure, technologies and processes to keep staff informed, supported and connected with each other and the business, away from an office environment.  

For this reason, Elcom is reporting increased usage and participation in its intranet and portal deployments for organisations across several industries including healthcare, non-profit, education, government and retail. The Elcom out-of-the-box digital workplace and intranet solution offers a host of functionality to assist organisations, from improving collaboration among geographically dispersed teams with social networking tools, to providing online training courses in digital literacy and professional development, remotely. 

John Anstey, CEO of Elcom, explains, We are fortunate to offer a quick to deploy solution that has become an integral part of many organisations we work with, helping them to succeed in this challenging time. We are seeing organisations use their digital workplace and intranets as their first point of call for employees to access up to date and critical information and communications, as well as essential resources and tools to get their jobs done and stay connected to the business and each other. 


How Elcom helps organisations support their remote workforce and flexible working arrangements:  

Build an Integrated ecosystem. Integrate and pull in information from your third-party systems including SharePoint, Office 365, CRM, ERP, HRM and more - into an integrated user-friendly digital workplace ecosystem.  

Cultivate an open and transparent organisationFrom highlighting team successes, to official updates on business-critical information, deliver communications across your digital workplace in a way that is easily searchable, filtered and personalised.

- A connected digital workplaceCombat isolation and low morale with social networking tools, rewards and recognition programs and team workspaces. 

Accessible resources for all employees. Maintain a single source of truth, with the latest version of policies, FAQs and other information, accessible from a searchable hub, with a personalised interface and security permissions for different staff members. 

Digitise manual and paper-based processesSave countless hours and fast-track administration tasks through online forms and approval workflows, document manager with version control, events manager including a new team member induction portal. 

Make learning easy for remote employees. Offering a complete learning management system, with accompanying knowledge centre, and the ability to create an onboarding hub 

Visit How Elcom Helps Remote Employees ( www.elcom.com.au/who-we-help/remote-employees ) for more information . 

About Elcom 

Whether your employees need to work from home, in regional offices, remote facilities or on the frontline directly with customers – Elcom’s Digital Workplace Platform enables organisations to provide their workforce with a single, unified digital workplace and intranet solution to securely connect your entire workforce with resources and each other. 

Elcom is used by organisations across all industries including WWF Australia, Heart Foundation, Defence Bank, Volkswagen Australia, Orica, The Fair Work Ombudsman, Inner West Council, Ascham School, Raine & Horne, Forty Winks and Clayton Utz. 

To learn more visit the Elcom website (www.elcom.com.au).