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Strata industry shakeup

how outsourcing is helping business thrive

Strata Management is proving to be an interesting and difficult to navigate industry during the global pandemic. Firms have faced the same pressures as other businesses, trying to get large workforce's to provide a high-quality service while working remotely. Strata firms are not immune to financial challenges and stresses during the pandemic. If anything, the workload has risen immensely for body corporate/owners corporation managers. But one difference is they are now facing issues as some owners in bodies corporate are struggling financially and yet expecting the full service for free. The client facing staff are experiencing stressful workloads with a negative sentiment from those they are providing a service to. Now this is obviously not every client, others have presented some positive,F community spirit – showing a lot of appreciation for their managers.

With such a rise in workload, a negative perception from clients who may not fully grasp how the strata industry operates and their own business impacts – strata firms are facing a make or break moment. While they want to show a lot of empathy, without getting paid, they may fall. One business consulting/outsourcing firm has been the saving grace for helping some of Australia’s leading strata firms stay on top.

The fundamental to any good business is your people, process design and technology. These resources equip you to better navigate challenges, provide the best quality service and become an adaptable and resilient business.

That is where APT comes in. We are more than just outsourcing, we become an extension of your business and your people, processes and technology. We have been able to deploy new processes and assist in ensuring work from home is efficient. The most important role we have been playing in this crisis is taking some of the administrative work load off the client facing staff so they can better support and manage their communities. The firms we work with have been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to ensure they can continue to provide the high-quality service they always do. Through process design, people and technology – APT can help you today and into the future. www.aptbusinessservices.com.au