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Experts warn: don’t forget your pet as lockdown lifts

Pet owners are being urged to plan ahead for their pets as they return to the office after the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

Pet owners are being urged to plan ahead for their pets as they return to the office after the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

Cats and dogs around Australia are likely to face a stressful adjustment period as pet owners venture back to work and school over the next few months. 

Pet adoption numbers have skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic resulted in Australia-wide lockdown restrictions. This adds concerns that new pet owners may not know how to include their adopted furry friend into a post-lockdown lifestyle.

Pawshake, often described as the Airbnb for pet sitting, is encouraging Aussie pet owners to factor their pet into their post-lockdown plans. 

‘Our pets have loved having us at home and the additional time we have been spending with them,’ says Tanguy Peers, co-founder of Pawshake, ‘but we will need to ease them back into our regular routines properly or else they could develop behavioural issues. This can lead to undesirable behaviours like chewing and barking or separation anxiety.’

‘It’s important that pet owners set aside some extra time to continue to exercise, play and bond with their pets.’

To encourage pet owners to continue to spend time with their pets, Pawshake has launched a free 7-Day Challenge to help pet owners ease their cat or dog into the next phase with a fun and healthy routine.

The 7-Day Challenge includes games, training lessons and handy tips to help humans and pets adjust to post-lockdown life and keep them physically and mentally challenged. 

Each day’s challenge arrives straight in your inbox and can be done from the comfort of home, using everyday items from around the house. Most of the challenges take less than ten minutes to complete.

The 7-Day Challenge has been created by Pawshake dog and cat experts, and is designed to be fun and healthy for pets. Highlights include building giant box castles and slow feeders for your cat, to homemade treats and teaching your dog to help around the house by closing drawers.

Humans will benefit, too, with each challenge designed to celebrate the daily joy that can be found from spending quality time with your pet. The Pawshake 7-Day Challenge can be joined for free here.

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