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Game-changing LegalTech platform helps Australian lawyers create client legal documents in minutes

With ‘Contract Instructor™,’ DocuStream Pty Ltd leverages digital automation to help lawyers draft legal documents of all types

Sydney, Australia — 21 May 2020 — One startup company aims to revolutionise Australia’s legal industry by leveraging technology to help lawyers create a wide array of legal documents in minutes.


DocuStream Pty Ltd is harnessing the power of automation to help lawyers create legally-sound documents for a range of purposes using a smart client instruction wizard. Contract Instructor™ renders the time-consuming and expensive process of gathering information from clients and then drafting accurate legal documents simple and fast. The user-friendly platform helps lawyers create attractive, legally-sound documents in minutes instead of hours using an online wizard to gather data from clients.


Every document delivered to the lawyer through the platform is an editable document professionally formatted with page numbering and cross referencing. Lawyers also have the option to complete the wizards independently of the client.


Contract Instructor gives lawyers an edge over DIY legal software competitors by combining the power of automation with the expertise of real lawyers who can provide a legal review after a document is created to ensure it is effective and legally binding. The platform covers a wide range of legal documents, including personal documents like powers of attorney and corporate documents like deeds of novation and release; general documents including non-disclosure agreements and company policies; contracts and forms applicable to online businesses, such as customer agreements and terms of use; privacy compliance plans and documents; services agreements for different types of situations and industries; software agreements for app developers; startup company documents; policies and waivers for telecommunications companies and much more.


A single legal document can be created with Contract Instructor for under $30, or the equivalent of a six minutes of work for a lawyer who typically charges $300 per hour. Documents can be purchased a la carte, without the need for a monthly subscription. Any contract generated is only paid for upon completion of the wizard.


According to company founder Alan Arnott, the Contract Instructor platform is proving helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the way the software quickly turns client information into usable legal documents without the need for client meetings. With the Contract Instructor system, a lawyer can easily email clients a personalised wizard to collect the data they need to generate a document quickly.


“Our platform is especially useful for lawyers in the age of social distancing,” Arnott said. “We look forward to revolutionising legal practices across Australia with our groundbreaking legal software.”


Contract Instructor is currently only available for lawyers practicing in Australia. Search Contract Instructor's precedent library and learn more at https://www.contractinstructor.io/precedent-library.php.   


For more information about Contract Instructor, go to https://www.contractinstructor.io.


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