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Announcement posted by LeadershipHQ 25 May 2020

Positive News for Outstanding Leaders Building Great Momentum During COVID-19

2020 has indeed become the year we need courageous leadership

A number of leaders, businesses and teams have come together to create a movement of courageous and kind leadership around the inaugural Outstanding Leadership Awards in Brisbane.


This month, more than one-hundred leaders across government, community, private and not-for-profit sectors became finalists in the prestigious Outstanding Leadership Awards.

Spearheaded by Brisbane leadership authority, Sonia McDonald, the awards recognise the exceptional achievement by courageous and kind leaders across various disciplines.

Since notifying finalists, Ms McDonald's inbox has been flooded with messages of gratitude from nominees who've spent the past few weeks, navigating the complex reality of being caught up in a worldwide health pandemic.

"On quite a few occasions, finalists have literally burst into tears after being notified they had made it to the final round of judging," said McDonald.

"It’s been incredibly rewarding to be the bearer of good news at a time when leaders are facing the biggest crisis of their lives - 2020 has indeed become the year we need courageous leadership."

The inaugural awards ceremony has attracted dozens of high-calibre leaders including the founders of Orange Sky, Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, Instyle Solar’s Karl Brown, Students from the JT Academy, King Kong's Sabri Suby and Netball Queensland's Catherine Clark.

"We initially set out to host the awards ceremony in May, but we've now pushed it back to the 4th September in the hopes things will return to normal by then," said McDonald.

"Until then, we are doing everything we can to showcase the incredibly kind and courageous leaders who have made it through - because right now, good leadership is essential.

"We're doing regular social media posts highlighting their stories and we've partnered with the Leadership Review Magazine and Yellowpanda PR to help create even more noise. We are gaining more and more momentum with the awards with over 150,000 views of our posts," she said. 

Proudly sponsored by McDonald Inc, Central Queensland University (CQU) and DHL Express, the award categories include CEO - Private Sector, Public Sector Leader, Courageous Team Award, Future Leader, Men in Leadership, Women in Leadership, Student Leader, SME Business Leader, Community Leader, and Start-up Leader. 

The awards night will be held on 4th September from 6:30pm to 11.30pm at the Royal International Convention Centre, with retail leadership superstar Guy Russo as the guest of honour and radios, Bianca Dye as the Master of Ceremonies. 

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