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Wordpress Hosting Australia

Discounted Wordpress Hosting - supporting Australian business.

One thing that COVID19 has taught us is how much we need the internet. Your need could be a google search to find a product or service or to keep the lights on to successful e-commerce business.

However, what’s important is having your website live and secure at all times - that's where Wordpress Hosting Australia comes in. 

For wordpress websites; you'll want to ensure;

- Your website is hosted in an Australian datacentre.  

- You have the help and support if you need it. 

- You should be able to call or email and get a response, not be flicked from department to department. 

pepperit. has been hosting Australian websites for 10 years.  

Need help to migrate your website, for our Wordpress Hosting Australia client this is usually on the house (unless you have a very large or complex website like 1000 plus pages). 

Plus we are also offering discounted Wordpress Hosting for the next 1 year to help out small business owners. Head to Wordpress Hosting Australia for the pricing. Then contact us directly for your discount. No catch just from one good Australian to another.   


For more information please contact:

Nicole Shelley

Head of Marketing


t. 02 9327 7775

w. pepperit.com.au