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Bitglass adds Australian local edge data centres

Announcement posted by PR Deadlines 03 Jun 2020

MELBOURNE, June 3, 2020.  Bitglass, the next-gen cloud security company, has announced the introduction of local edge data centres in Melbourne and Perth.

Edge data centres are smaller facilities located close to the populations they serve that deliver cloud computing resources and cached content to end users.  By processing data and services as close to the end user as possible, edge computing allows organisations to reduce latency and improve the customer experience.

Bitglass users in Australia and New Zealand will experience faster performance, benefiting from unique four tier SASE architecture on the public cloud, delivering performance, uptime and scalability. 

While competing SASE offerings are built on inelastic appliances, Bitglass leverages the public cloud to deliver security and performance via our PolyScale architecture. Tests show significant performance boosts via Bitglass local edge data centres, compared to direct access to SaaS apps such as Office 365.

"Our SASE fabric is built on the public cloud and comprises four tiers - Global Core Data Centres, Local Edge Data Centres, CDN caches, and SmartEdge endpoint agents. Combined with our PolyScale technology for automated scaling, users enjoy security and performance across the globe," said Santosh D'Souza, Director Operations at Bitglass.

About Bitglass
Bitglass, the Next-Gen Cloud Security company, is based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide. The company's cloud security solutions deliver zero-day, agentless, data and threat protection for any app, any device, anywhere. Bitglass is backed by Tier 1 investors and was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution.

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