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Save your skin this winter with LAMAV

Winter is officially here! According to Dr Tarj Mavi, founder and creator of LAMAV, the cooler mornings, dryness in the air, and increased exposure to indoor air-conditioning are all factors that can cause havoc with your skin.

The first 100% natural skincare range of products launched in Australia to use bio-actives in certified organic products, are launching their new Vitamin-C Hand Crème and recommend their scrubs and nightly nectars to keep skin looking its best over the coming months.

Dr Tarj Mavi says, “A change of season should always signal a change in your skincare routine. It’s scientifically proven that exposure to the winter elements can cause skin damage and irritation so it’s important to look for key ingredients to prevent this from occurring such as jojoba beads, argan oil, antioxidants and of course vitamin C.”

LAMAV’s top three winter skincare product suggestions include:

1. LAMAV Jojoba Beads & Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub - RRP $34.95
Designed for dry and sensitive skin, this organic scrub is infused with natural oils and skin-healing ingredients for a gentle bio-exfoliation that leaves skin clean, smooth and nourished.

2. LAMAV Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar – RRP $59.95
Formulated with scientifically proven anti-ageing bio-actives, this sumptuous nectar gives your skin an instant boost of radiance, while reducing the visible signs of ageing. Eight bio-active organic flower nectars act as a powerful shield to lock in moisture and restore the glowing softness of the skin.

3. NEW LAMAV Vitamin-C Hand Crème – RRP $24.95
Enriched with skin-replenishing bio-actives, this all-natural hand crème provides immediate hydration and nourishment, for softer and smoother hands. The unique mix of organic oils, botanical extracts, and age-defying actives soothes, repairs and protects, maintaining your hands conditioned and supple.

LAMAV uses scientifically based formulas, with ingredients rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, therapeutic grade herbal extracts and essential oils to help repair, rejuvenate and restore the skin at a cellular level. Products by La Mav are Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain, Certified Cruelty Free by CCF, vegan friendly, and contain no harsh chemicals leaving the skin naturally hydrated and glowing.

About LAMAV:
LAMAV is Australia’s first certified organic skincare brand to incorporate clinically proven bio-actives to deliver results on the cellular level. LAMAV was founded and created by Dr Tarj Mavi over 12 years ago with an intention and determination to heal her skin naturally from melasma, a type of hormonal pigmentation. After failing to find a product that was 100% natural and organic, and that actually worked, the former veterinarian created her own skincare brand, LAMAV. A doctor with extensive expert knowledge and experience in research, coupled with an upbringing of herbal ayurvedic traditions and an abundance of Australian native ingredients at her doorstep, Tarj set out to formulate her own remedy, looking to nature for a solution.

LAMAV was the very first 100% natural skincare range of products launched in Australia in 2008 to incorporate bio-actives in certified organic products. Tarj was a catalyst for approvals of some of these bio-actives to be incorporated in certified organic products. All of the products in the LAMAV range have been created by her and are based on combining nature with science. They source only the finest ingredients to create pure and potent formulations that deliver visible and long-lasting results. A key point of difference in this category is the fact that their products also contain bio-actives, which are naturally occurring molecules derived from plants, that have been clinically proven to have a high level of anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing activity.