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Rapid Teams Delivers Innovative Team-Building Experiences Online

We work with teams in Perth and all over WA by delivering experiential team training or team building workshops and activities outdoors, indoors and in virtual reality.

Long before companies began saving money by moving their team activities online or a pandemic came along, Angus Firth, owner of Rapid Teams, was offering online team-building experiences. The company has adapted team-building exercises for the modern world with an app that’s just as effective as in-person programs.

Rapid Teams delivers exciting two-hour digital team-building events or uses the app to create a 5 day experience with around 20 minutes per day for the week. The program offers bite-size challenges that combine communication, collaboration, complex problem solving, and fun for a highly effective exercise designed to obtain superior results. The online program significantly increases participant engagement, while providing a more formal type of team-building event.

People learn and retain the most beneficial lessons through experiences that involve fun. The corporate team building Perth WA builds on that concept while providing companies with up to 21 percent greater profitability. Companies that provide team-building activities also demonstrate a 41 percent reduction in absenteeism and 59 percent less turnover.

Highly adaptable to meet multiple needs within a myriad of industries, it’s an ideal solution for teams that are collaborating from different or distant locations worldwide. The sessions can accommodate groups of four or up to 200. Team building Perth competitors can monitor their opponent’s progress in real time through the app’s activity feed and leaderboard that’s automatically updated.

The Rapid Teams app has the ability to instantly provide photos and videos of all the fun challenges and how teams are solving them. The functionality provides insight into how individuals approach problems, how they’re feeling, and the effects of working from home.

It can be extremely difficult to keep teams engaged and focused while working from home. The team building activities Perth delivered through the innovative Rapid Teams app can provide custom designed options to meet clients’ desired outcomes while providing teams with some much needed fun for continued engagement. Companies can receive instant, detailed quotes in 30 seconds delivered via email – it’s time to let the games begin.

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