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Aussie Tech Start-Up Promises to Support Stronger Workforces Post COVID-19

Designed and created by Black Wolf Group Young Entreprener Tanya Abbey

New Workforce Management Tool Promises to Support Stronger Teams Post COVID-19

  • Seeks to prevent closure of business units through proactive monitoring and immediate notification
  • Assists in boosting mental wellness and the safety of employees with discreet disclosure and one-on-one action
  • Is an ongoing solution to a supported and engaged workforce whether on-site or working remotely

Keeping staff retention high and workers happy in a Covid-19 world is surely an interesting feat?

CoHealth is a sophisticated and bespoke Workforce Management tool that is set to revolutionise how companies will safeguard not only their staff, client, and stakeholders wellbeing – but fundamentally mitigate the very real threat of losing entire teams to illness through careful proactive monitoring.

As we see the working world change, conducting and managing staff in how they undertake their job is of utmost importance. This software will allow management to monitor individuals, groups and teams with uncompromised and sophisticated detail. Engagement factors taken into consideration include mental well-beingphysical health, remote working, interpersonal relationships, even environmental factors such as home life, and in extreme cases domestic violence

Being designed and created by the successful talent acquisition group, Black Wolf Group has meant that this software is relevant and at the very cusp of what future staff welfare will look like in Australia and overseas.

“From my 12 years within the recruitment space, mental well-being and the type of work culture staff are exposed to, are crucial to performance and also how likely they are to remain in a role”. General Manager of the group, Tanya Abbey said. “CoHealth presents a holistic approach to engaging with staff and ensuring they are not only safe and well, but ultimately happy in their work”.

Opening up real tangible channels of communication is a unique facet of CoHealth - trials have shown managers who shared their own personal struggles during Covid-19 and who were accessible had great success in alleviating anxiety and boosting morale across their staff. 

“This software will make the management of your workforce more personable rather than just transactional” said Abbey.

The system also promises to work alongside existing HR processes, complimenting an organisation’s already existing efforts without making these systems instantly redundant. Meaning information and policy prior to introducing CoHealth can be efficiently incorporated with the new, forward-thinking system. 

No Servers or Infrastructure is necessary for the delivery of this application – it is completely hosted with strict data safe guidelines, underpinned by onshore sovereignty laws.

Inbuilt Logic and Decision Matrix technology mean this multi-levelled technology is at the very forefront of staff welfare software.

Discreet Contact tracing and an extensive array of checks and surveys mean the application is completely customisable – organisations can also purchase the right to rebrand application.

“We see this software as the future of monitoring staff safety and well-being, enabling businesses to gain ultimate clarity around the welfare of their staff” said Abbey.



Media Contact: Amanda Williams 0414 605 850