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How Indie Brand Samson & Charlie achieved 390% increase sales from January thanks to unplanned release date

Melbourne-made luxe skincare brand Samson & Charlie experienced a huge jump in sales thanks to their new releases designed around specific skin complaints.


The release was held up, yet timely, as the founder’s dog Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumour, ensuring products weren’t released until after his treatment. This corresponded with lockdown in Australia, leading to a huge boost of 390% in sales in March. 


“We wanted to offer real solutions that smell, look amazing with extraordinary natural ingredients,” said Carole Staeck. “So we created these new products designed around high performing actives, and high functioning plant-derived emulsifiers. They deliver exceptional results”


From Vitamin C oil, to B3 serum and cleansing oils, the brand’s new releases are true to Samson & Charlie’s central ethos: They’re completely vegan, and use exceptional quality ingredients. “We use the best that nature has to offer. It’s the botanical ingredients that make our products unique and perform so well,” said Staeck.


Not only do the new arrivals work wonders on different skin complaints and smell absolutely incredible thanks to their ingredients of fruit medleys, they’re gorgeous to look at. Samson & Charlie’s 18k+ Instagram followers share their purchases on Instagram Stories constantly thanks to the stunning packaging and colourful products. 


During a time of uncertainty, these products have brightened the days of many Samson & Charlie fans. With over 400 five star reviews since March, the brand is developing a loyal, discerning following.


“We know our fans want to see the vibrant product they’re using, so we use clear glass packaging. This also makes using our products feel more luxurious and special,” said Founder Carole Staeck. “With supply chains so disrupted, we’ve had to change the shape of some of our bottles to keep up with demand, and our customers were really understanding and supportive.”


These disruptions are just one of many challenges Samson & Charlie have faced in the past few months, and they’re not alone. With small businesses hugely affected by the COVID crisis, buying local has never been more important.


“Our customers are actively looking for Australian-made products. They’re helping support the economy and doing their bit. It really helps and we’re so grateful,” says Carole. 


Samson & Charlie is not only made locally, they support many local businesses by sourcing 99% of ingredients through local small businesses and even using Aussie made tissue and gift wrap. It’s this local network of support that founder Carole Staeck encourages in her customers too.


“We say skip the overseas, commercially-produced products for the masses, and reach for the Aussie-made products. Every time you do, it means the world to small business owners like us.”


Discover Samson & Charlie’s new product range:


  1. Vibrant C Brightening Vitamin C Face oil  - $64.00 - 30mls

Offering enhanced protection against the elements, this Vitamin C face oil uses Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THD) an oil-soluble version of Vitamin C to penetrate dermal layers for ultimate results. Unlike other Vit C products on the market, Vibrant C uses purifying and hydrating oils from Squalane to Vitamin E to leave skin baby soft. 



  1. Hydrating Watermelon B3+B5 Facial Serum - $49.95 - 30mls

A watermelon cocktail designed to hydrate winter skin from deep within, this serum restores radiance with a Vitamin B Complex of B3 Niacinamide and B5 Panthenol. Niacinamide is everywhere in skincare as it’s an anti-ageing powerhouse, but you’ve never seen it smell so good.


  1. Brightening Pineapple B3+BHA Daily Facial Cleanser - $44.95 - 150mls

This gentle facial cleanser harnesses the powerful brightening enzymes of Pineapple and Australia Kakadu Plum. You’ve heard of BHA’s, and this cleanser uses a natural form: Willow Bark + Salicylic Acid to help refine pores, plus the favourite Niacinamide B3 to reduce fine lines and restore hydration.




  1. Hydrating Watermelon Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil - $49.95 - 150mls

This cleansing oil offers delicious antioxidants from kiwi and watermelon to make taking makeup off easier and gentler. The oil base binds to makeup and impurities, lifting them from skin gently, leaving skin softer than traditional cleansers.



  1. Clarifying Cypress + Mint Cleansing Oil $49.95 - 150mls

Best for breakout-prone skin, this refreshing cleansing oil turns to a cleansing milk when added to water. This transformation isn’t just great to watch, it helps make this cleansing oil gentle on acne and breakout-prone skin, plus its non-comedogenic oils won’t clog skin.