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Paediatric Nutritionist launches Online Fussy Eating Course to help parents expand their child’s repertoire & increase the nutritional value of their meals

Fussy eating, for many well-meaning parents, is an area of concern and stress. Around 50% of toddlers can be classified as fussy eaters, and 8 out of 10 parents wish that their child’s diet included more nutritious and varied options.

For most children, ‘fussy eating’ is a stage they will grow out of, but what we choose to feed children, and the strategies implemented to deal with their fussiness are the two main factors that determine how their eating habits will develop.

Introducing the Fussy Eating Strategies & Solutions course, developed by Paediatric Nutritionist and Bestselling Author, Mandy Sacher, where parents can now receive expert advice supported by tried and tested methods and recipes that even the fussiest little eaters will approve of. All from any connected device, in the comfort of their home.

“As we move through winter during a pandemic, getting the right nutrients into children to increase their resilience to illness is more important than ever before. We can no longer settle for the fail-safe option of white bread and plain pasta that we know they’ll agree to eat”, says Sacher.

Fussy Eating Strategies & Solutions is designed to help parents expand their child’s repertoire of food and begin enjoying the experience of eating and family mealtimes. Recipes are boosted with ‘hidden’ veggies and one of the strategies is to also offer vegetables in their raw state alongside accepted foods to desensitise fussy eaters and make them a normal and expected part of everyday meals. 

The course contains a plethora of evidence-based behaviour strategies and nutrition goals to help make progress with a fussy eater, whether based on underlying causes or simply a phase. 

Sacher covers the underlying causes of fussy eating and problem feeding, ways to increase the nutritional value of what children will eat and tips on how to make wholesome swaps in the kitchen that fussy eaters will approve of. With small changes made at a manageable pace, Sacher believes every child can receive richer nutrition through their meals and begin to accept a wider range of flavours and textures. 

In addition to the 49 detailed lessons, Fussy Eating includes supporting resources such as customisable meal and nutrition goal planners, a smart recipe tool where you can swap ingredients and filter by allergens as well as an automated shopping list to save time.

Fussy Eating sits within The Wholesome Child Academy, a new education platform for parents that is geared to help with key nutrition milestones and challenges including Starting Solids the Wholesome Way, Boosting Immunity and Wholesome Shopping.