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One Point Electrical and Communications: Experts in Solar Power Systems

Whether you require general electrical services from a professional expert electrician Howard or you need something more specific like air conditioning installation, the best option is One Point Electrical and Communications.

While many people are installing solar panels to take advantage of the free electric generation available with the sun, they often don’t understand that there’s a strong electrical wiring component involved. One Point Electrical and Communications has extensive experience with the wiring required for solar installations.

Solar power requires more than simply installing the collection panels. They must be wired in sequence and different grades of wiring are required, depending upon the voltage of the system. The system will also need to be wired to feed into rechargeable storage batteries or the grid. The electrician Burrum Heads has expertise with low and high voltage solar power installations.

The company’s capabilities extend to a wide variety of electrically related jobs, both large and small. One Point Electrical and Communications is also skilled in phone and data transmission services. The company can accommodate networking needs, additional phone outlets, and provide fault-finding services for existing systems. The electrician Howard is highly-trained and knowledgeable in all phases of modern communications.

Electricity makes it possible for people to work, live comfortably, and conduct business. To keep clients safe and ensure they can communicate, and access modern conveniences, the company also provides an array of electrical services ranging from complete rewiring and switchboard replacement to the installation of air conditioning and antenna/TV points.

The electrician Maryborough provides general electrical work for an extensive array of needs involved with updating, remodeling, or new construction of structures. The company can install and replace fans, fixtures, outlets, and switches. Timers, dimmers, and motion detectors for safety and security are also within the company’s purview.

One Point Electrical and Communications provides free no-obligation quotes to help individuals plan their projects. The company’s professionals are highly-trained, licensed, and responsive to clients’ needs and concerns. The professional electricians work with individuals to accommodate their time frame and budget requirements in a convenient and timely manner.

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