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What Photos to Capture and What Not to Publish

Do's and Don't of Event Photography for Business Events After Lock down.

With the Government slowly releasing the brakes on business people building and rebuilding their businesses. This means we will need to catch up face to face to build real relationships at live events. 

Virtual events only go so far. Hybrid events are still in the experimental phase. Neither will come close to in person events for a long time. They are virtually non effective. 

"What to capture and what not to publish is or should be on marketing and planning managers mind"

If a photographer takes a photo that does not represent a safe event and somehow it gets published. What are the repercussions with perception of the public and health officials. Will your boss be happy to send you to the next?

This Corporate Event article has answers to this and many other event questions to help plan your event. Building a safe photographers shotlist is a great start. And this is exactly what the sector needs. A great re-start. 

“Having photos of groups of people bunched up close together all diving in over the buffet lunch is not the look the event industry needs.” 

And with careful thought, planning and photographers briefed, the article will help in the marketing efforts in portraying that business and trade events are safe places for you and your staff to attend again.

The information in the article has been derived from the latest webinars and news from UFI, BECA, ICC Sydney and EEAA both in Australia and re emerging live events in both USA and Asia, together with years of our own event experience. 


11 Top Event Safety Photos List

  • Temperature readings taking place
  • Thermal imaging devices ready for use
  • People counting technology installed
  • Contact-less payment solutions...


The comprehensive corporate photography guide covers all the usual factors such as; shot list examples, prices, event planning, what to include on a Corporate event photography brief, safety regulations, importance of corporate events, list of our top venues and list of industry bodies. A big focus throughout on events in the post lockdown future.

Corporate events need specialist vendors, they must have experience in delivering at the service levels a discerning corporate audience expects. 

Now more than ever, experienced vendors make the difference between safe and successful events and a complete disaster. 

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