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getU2sign - mobile document authorisation, signing & witnessing

cabenet announces the launch of getU2sign a breakthrough in mobile signing and witnessing that uses real-time, true signatures (‘digital ink’).

We have all said it at some time, can I get you to sign' this...form, application, contract, or other legal document.

Arranging to put pen to paper is not always easy. getU2sign is a time and cost saving way to approve documents, forms and to execute contracts and other legal documents, without the hassle of meetings or exchanging emails or faxes.

Using getU2sign you can authorise or sign and witness any document, using true signatures, captured, and if needed witnessed in real time, via mobile phone or tablet device.

The signer and witnesses join the signing on their mobile device. Each party reviews the document, sees the making of the signature (attestation) on their device before witnesses make their own signatures.

Unlike other electronic signing systems, getU2sign digitally captures, embeds and encrypts to the document, the person's true signature in real-time (in 'digital ink'), along with metadata confirming the time, date and GPS location and IP address, of each signee.

getU2sign also provides for online verification of individual identity documents and video recording of the signing session.

Confidential, authenticated, and secure execution of business and legal documents in one simple process.

W: getU2sign.com

E: support@cabenet.com.au