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Spice up your Isolation cooking

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Spice up your Isolation cooking with Foodie Trials all new Spice Experience Box


With Foodie Trials regular tours and cooking classes in hibernation, owner of  Himanshi Munshaw Luhar found herself with time she doesn’t usually have. This has given the business a chance at a new creative opportunity in the form of a Spice Experience Box. 

“I love spices, I love the way they can transform a meal and open up your senses. I love sharing the stories of how spices have forged the way for travels and ingrained themselves in a new cuisine” says Munshaw Luhar


This is an experience much like a tour or a class, but it comes into your home. When you order the spice box for yourself or a FOODIE lover. Foodie Trails will send out this carefully curated and beautifully presented gift box with carefully selected single-origin spices, sourced from local Victorian shops. With the spices is a recipe book written Munshaw Luhar’s sister Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal author and food historian. These easy to use recipes, will transform the contents of your fridge and pantry.

The spice experience continues online with exclusive access to a series of online spice masterclasses, where Munshaw Luhar shares the origins of the spices, their travels, their health benefits and how to prepare them and use them in your daily cooking.

Additionally, the experience also includes curated content of cooking demonstrations, additional links to recipes and videos of travel, spice markets, and the growing and sourcing of the spices from the farms.

The Spice Experience gift box is priced at just $79 and can be ordered through the website at www.foodietrails.com.au/spicebox


“There is so much to know and share about the joys of cooking with spices and I can't wait to share it with you. Mother’s often play such a key role in kids’ lives around food and cooking so I’ve been especially excited to get it ready in time for mother’s day giving families the chance to experiment in isolation cooking” says Munshaw Luhar.




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Email: Himanshi@foodietrails.com.au

Web: https://www.foodietrails.com.au/spicebox

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodietrails

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