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Dog Attacks:

Understanding Play vs. Prey

In January, The Sydney Morning Herald stated that close to a whopping 5000 pets were mauled by dogs in the year leading up to September 2019, in NSW alone. Whilst many would be quick to criticise the breed of dog as the deciding factor, Master Dog Trainer, Louise Harding, says it's not only about training the dogs, it's about training the humans also.

With more than 20 years of experience in training all sorts of animals in Australia and New Zealand, Louise states a solid foundation for dog training is for the human to understand how their dog thinks, and how to recognise behaviours, like when play becomes prey.

"Prey drive is when a dog's desire to chase and catch kicks in. All dogs have prey drive, but the amount and trigger points vary between the animal."

When meeting a challenging situation, like an off-leash dog out and about, Louise recommends that the best defence is education and good preparation. "If you can't get your dog to return to you immediately, or stop moving on command, then you really need to get working on your training."

With a creed to 'Helping Humans Understand Dogs', Louise is about to launch her latest solution for preparing dog owners for life with their furry friends. The Nose to Tail Workbook Series is a DIY set of workbooks designed to be simple, effective and easily incorporated into the busiest of lifestyles. "They're perfect for the busy dog-owner, with tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine at home, or out and about."

Based on her best-selling book, Nose to Tail: A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog, Louise hopes to teach more dog owners how to be better prepared for challenging situations, and how to recognise the difference between play and prey. Her training methods focus on building a strong human-dog bond, and using positive reward-based methods.

You can find more about dog training, Louise, and The Nose to Tail Workbook Series, at the following link. Louise is available for interviews and comments and will be launching her workbooks soon:



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