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Mental Health in the Workplace – Free Resources

Today, businesses hear more than ever about mental health in the workplace. Yet many businesses are often unsure what role they have to play in fostering wellness among their employees – if one at all. And even among organisations that have the desire to develop initiatives to support and maintain positive mental health outcomes for their employees, most don’t know where to start.

The following collection of resources are designed to help organisations become a mentally healthy workplace; one that protects the mental health of all staff, promotes wellbeing, and supports staff with mental health conditions.

Tips and tools

The following collection of mental health resources, information and advice will help employees and employers understand some common mental health issues in the workplace, and provide practical strategies and support to those who may be experiencing a mental health condition.

Link to all resources here : https://myosh.com/blog/2020/06/25/workplace-mental-health-resources/