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FutureBrand rolls out new brand work for Sonder

FutureBrand has launched a new customer value proposition and core brand messaging for on-demand personal safety and wellbeing support company Sonder, as the business expands rapidly in the enterprise market.

FutureBrand developed Sonder’s core message, ‘Trusted to care, ready to respond’ following an immersive process that enabled them to empathise with users as well as collaborate with team members from the frontline, support centre and executive team.

On the work, Sonder Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Chris Marr said: “Working with FutureBrand on our brand, customer value proposition and messaging has been a valuable experience. Their ability to take our existing research and strategy and make sense of it has improved our sales approach and helped us grow our business. They took the time to listen and learn, skills that ensured a collaborative process from day one and ultimately a successful outcome.”

On working with Sonder, FutureBrand Australia CEO Rich Curtis said: “Chris and the Sonder team approached us to identify a new core value proposition and brand messaging for the Sonder brand as the business is rapidly expanding in the enterprise market. We led an immersive, collaborative process that involved our team engaging across the business at all levels and, together with customer research, led us to create their new core value proposition and brand messaging.

“The insights we gained through this process plus the high level of engagement with the team at Sonder mean that the core message of ‘Trusted to care, ready to respond’ can set a clear and compelling platform to communicate the full range and reach of their on-demand personal safety and wellbeing support.”

Since launching the new value proposition and subsequent messaging, Sonder has quadrupled their media coverage in mainstream and business publications as a result of the brand’s sharper focus, and the team have succeeded in closing multiple new client sales at a time when most businesses have slowed under COVID-19.

Sonder provides on-demand personal safety and wellbeing support to individuals around the world. Launching in 2016, Sonder was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to help and support in moments they feel unsafe or uncertain.