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Bookabin (AUS) Help With Protecting Your Driveway When Having Your Skip Bin Delivered

As we slowly emerge from the lockdowns which have been enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is obvious that while in lockdown, many Aussies engaged in various forms of renovations and rubbish removal. The disposal of home renovation, repairs or clean-up rubbish has always been a bit of a problem, but fortunately for you, now  disposing of your waste has never been easier with Bookabin.  


Hiring a skip bin for your home projects, such as renovations and spring cleaning projects, is a practical and efficient way to finish your projects and dispose of any waste, and Bookabin try to make waste collection and disposal easy and stress-free. They are also very aware of the damage their trucks and bins can do to your driveway, and have some ideas here to help you to protect it.  


As they explain, driveways made with soft tarmac or block paving have the potential to be damaged by skips, but this can easily be avoided by placing scaffolding planks or big pieces of wood on which to rest the skip. Bear in mind also that skip trucks are heavy, and when they take away your filled skip, they are even heavier.  Skip trucks use stabilisers when they load the skip, and these metal legs exert significant pressure on the ground and can dent soft tarmac or break paving stones. If you are concerned about damage to your drive, always speak to the skip provider first for their advice on how to protect it. 


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