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Latest technology delivers dynamic air purification in new, home air purifier

LED colours on unit indicate real-time level of indoor air pollution

With a clean air delivery rate of a fast 6.3m3 per minute and a coverage area of 49.5m2, the Coway Storm Air Purifier is the perfect unit for a large family living area.

The Coway Storm has a powerful four-tier filtration system, including a HEPA filter, that removes 99.9 per cent of fine particles to 0.02 microns# in size including bacteria and viruses.

Unlike most air purifiers, the Coway Storm offers multi-directional air flow modes for fast air circulation: forwards, upwards (90 degree) and a combination of both. 

While having an extremely powerful circulator to extend the airflow range up to six metres, the unit boasts a power consumption of only 65W so is economical to operate.

Using the Coway Storm will allow family members to enjoy clean and deodorised air that is free from fine dust, mould, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dander, pet hair, odours and VOCs (volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and other harmful fumes and gases).

This makes it perfect for families who want to protect a children’s play area, for example, remove pollutants that enter homes from outside, such as dust contamination and car exhaust, and environments with poor air circulation.

Allergy sufferers can be confident that the Coway Storm has been ECARF Certified* to meet the highest international standards of allergy-friendly products.

Coloured Air Quality Indicator

To check indoor air quality in real time, the Coway Storm air purifier has a built-in circular LED light on the front of the unit that shows the current indoor air pollution level. Four colours indicate different levels of air pollution: good (blue), moderate (green), unhealthy (yellow) and very unhealthy (red).

The sleek design includes detachable outlet grilles that enable more effective cleaning than other models with fixed covers. This model has won design awards including a prestigious iF Design Award.

Andatech’s Coway Storm 1516D model has an RRP of $1399. The Coway range includes the Coway Classic 1018F model, which has the same four-tier filtration system but has a smaller coverage area of 33.9 m2 and is recommended for living rooms and bedrooms. The Coway Classic has an RRP of $999. Both air purifiers come with a two-year warranty and are available from andatechdistribution.com.au

Andatech’s air purifiers include the Ionmax and Marvel ranges, with prices for room air purifiers starting from $199.


* ECARF: European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation 

The products and services ECARF certifies have been fully adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers. An independent advisory panel of 15 leading international scientists and technicians has developed the criteria they use to evaluate different product groups. The criteria are regularly updated to reflect the latest scientific findings. A product receives the Seal when it can be proved through audits or studies that the criteria have been fulfilled. https://www.ecarf.org/en/

# As tested by KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) for the fine particles to 20 nanometres. NOTE: The air purifiers have not been tested with coronovirus.

About Andatech:

Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that designs, supplies, supports and services safety and wellness products including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment, and air quality products. The company has the widest range of Australian Standard-certified breathalysers in Australia, which are designed for personal use, in workplaces, at hospitality venues (wall mounted) and as car interlock devices. Drug testing kits cover saliva and urine testing of 7 drug groups providing error-free results. Air quality products include dehumidifiers, air purifiers, humidifiers and aroma diffusers. https://www.andatech.com.au/

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