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How to market real estate during a pandemic

Why real estate social media is imperative during Covid

The Covid pandemic has placed uncertain pressures towards the future of real estate. In the latest quarterly report, Sydney house prices have dropped 2% and 1.9% for units. Consumer confidence is at an all-time low, coupled with falling clearance rates it is unclear when house prices will bottom out.

Because of this uncertainty, it is imperative for real estate companies to keep in contact with prospective buyers and sellers and nurture a solid relationship during these times. So, when the market bounces back real estate companies, buyers and sellers can come out strong.

As such, Social Media for Real Estate Agents is key in fostering these relationships. It is a fantastic way to promote your brand and engage directly with your audience. Furthermore, real estate social media can be used in a novel way to promote virtual inspections of properties as stay at home orders and social distancing laws are still in effect.

Moreover, due to the pandemic Australians are spending even more time online now. For real estate companies it is a unique opportunity to pivot from the usual above-the-line marketing and invest more into digital. As such, it is important to have a strong digital marketing management team to keep your online marketing strategies strong and your brand top of mind.

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