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Sydney Electrical Service is a Preferred Level 2 Electrical Contractor

Announcement posted by Sydney Electrical Service 19 Aug 2020

Sydney Electrical Service is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning, we specialise in the supply of electricity from the energy authority network to your property.
Sydney Electrical Service has earned a reputation for fast, dependable, and quality work for all types of electrical needs. The professional and cost effective services are provided efficiently and effectively, making the company a preferred level 2 electrical service in Sydney.

It’s important that individuals understand the services a level 2 electrician is qualified to provide when clients have electrical needs. A level 2 electrician is authorized and qualified to perform installations, conduct repairs, and provide maintenance work on underground and overhead electrical wires from electrical supplies to homes and businesses. That means they can also implement a variety of services ranging from safety switches and security systems to charging stations for electric vehicles.

Sydney Electrical Service is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning and specialises in the highly complicated and complex process of connecting power from the supply source to homes and businesses. The level 2 electrician Sydney also provides emergency services.

Some consumer connections to electrical networks are considered contestable works and can only be performed by a level 2 electrician that’s accredited by the Electrical Supply Authority or the department of industry. As a level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire, the company is certified to perform work on most energy supply networks across Sydney.

Sydney Electrical Service is authorized for connections and reconnections at the point of attachment, overhead mains, underground lines, and metering and energizing new installations. The level 2 electrician can assist with live electrical work, temporary power supplies, and builders’ poles for complete solutions to energy needs and requirements.

The range of services at Sydney Electrical Services doesn’t stop there. The company is experienced with all facets of metering, solar power, three-phase upgrades, and switchboards. The company works with builders and contractors, solar installation businesses, homeowners, and civil contractors and is aware of all the prevailing laws and regulations that ensure safety.

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