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WaterWipes validated to be purer than cotton wool and water

Independent testing by the Skin Health Alliance has validated that WaterWipes are in fact purer than cotton wool and water*. Already known to be the world’s purest baby wipes, a group of independent experts have now validated that although boiled and cooled water used with cotton wool are perceived to be pure, particulates, impurities and other minerals can be detected.
Andrea Hawes, WaterWipes Marketing Director says, “This result is really no surprise to us! Our WaterWipes are manufactured under clean room conditions using a unique 7-stage water purifying technology that undergo stringent quality checks to ensure the product is of the highest standard and free from contamination before, during and after production.”
James Stalley, Associate Research Director, Skin Health Alliance adds, “Whilst cotton wool and water is a suitable method for cleaning babies during nappy changes, the Skin Health Alliance has validated that WaterWipes baby wipes are a purer method of cleaning for parents looking for an alternative solution.”
Other findings The Skin Health Alliance independent testing* uncovered include: 

  • There are many similarities between the use of wipes versus cotton wool and water. The literature supports wipes as being gentler on the skin.
  • Although water and cotton wool are perceived to be 'pure', particulates, impurities and other minerals in both the cotton material and the water, even if boiled, can be found.
  • WaterWipes demonstrated good antimicrobial effectiveness against bacteria and mould.
  • WaterWipes scored highly across a number of healthcare professional and midwife quantitative studies for purity.

Key Facts About WaterWipes: 

  • Suitable for sensitive, newborn and premature baby’s skin.
  • Made with only two ingredients - 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract.
  • WaterWipes are purer than cotton wool and water.
  • 8 out of 10 HCPs agree WaterWipes is the purest baby wipe in the world with only 99.9% of purified water and a drop of fruit extract*.
  • 96% of midwives consider WaterWipes to be the purest baby wipe**.

WaterWipes baby wipes are available in all major retailers at an RRP $30.00 for a 4 Pack – Value Pack (240 Wipes). For more information, please visit: www.waterwipes.com  or @waterwipesausnz & @waterwipesbeauty_ausnz on Instagram or Facebook. #thisisparenthood  #worldspurestbabywipes.
* Visscher, M., Odio, M., Taylor, T., White, T., Sargant, S., Sluder., … Bondurant, P. (2009) Skin care in the NICU Patient: Effects of Wipes Versus Cloth and Water on Stratum Corneum Integrity. Neonatology, 96(4):226-34. doi: 10.1159/000215593
** A survey conducted with 100 Midwives and Public Health Nurses as part of a study by Behavioural & Attitudes in July/August