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Kohnke’s Own: Horse Supplements and Horse Care Products

Kohnke's Own

Quality Aussie equine supplies are hard to come by, but Kohnke's Own offers exceptional horse care products and supplements for horses that have been produced from years of extensive consultancy work with horse trainers, owners, breeders and vet Dr John Kohnke.  

Horse supplements are essential for maintaining optimal health, colour and vitality in horses such as Palomino horses and ponies. Alongside quality supplements, Kohnke’s Own provides tailored advice on horse nutrition that ensures your horse gets the most out of these horse by products, and at affordable prices. 

Kohnke’s Own has become the recognised leader in equine health, and specifically in the formulation and manufacture of equine supplements and health care products. They are a proudly Australian owned and operated company. All supplement manufacturing is performed in their Sydney facility. 

For more information on horse supplements Australia, please contact:

Kohnke’s Own
T: 1800 112 227
E: info@kohnkesown.com