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carbonTRACK Africa has teamed up with Alpha Energy and GREENFOX Agencies

energy system integrators and African market leaders in super capacitive energy storage.

carbonTRACK’s technology delivers the intelligent energy management systems that facilitate embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and smart grids, enabling individuals, communities, businesses and countries to harness legacy and renewable energy and harvest the benefits. This creates an intelligent energy ecosystem with remote control and grid independence, and allows customers to leverage and optimize the benefits of efficient energy usage.

carbonTRACK Africa, Alpha Energy and GREENFOX Agencies will initially explore opportunities in the strategically important South African market where all three companies have built a presence over the past few years, addressing the notorious unreliability of South Africa’s national electricity supply. Potential South African target customers include commercial and large residential deployments, as well as off-grid energy systems.

Here’s a quick overview of the solution:
• Actively balanced and stable operation at all commercial voltages
• Flat discharge curve (module discharge rate is determined by the load)
• 2% per month self-discharge when idle and in sleep mode
• Cell level energy density of 70-80Wh/kg
• Supercap cell cycle life and capacity unaffected by high rate of charge or discharge
• Supercap cell projected calendar life of 45 years and cycle life of 1,000,000 cycles
• High charge/ discharge capability
• Wide operating temperature range of supercap cells
• No degradation of capacity and efficiency over cycle life
• Works with standard inverters/rectifiers/regulators used with Lead Acid or Li Ion batteries
• Non-toxic with no risk of thermal runaway
• Form factor similar to chemical batteries
• Fleet-view access on carbonTRACK dashboard
• Remote management and reduced truck rolls
• Demand Response
• Frequency Regulation,
• Virtual Energy Trading, and
• Grid Resiliency

About carbonTRACK Africa; https://carbontrack.com.au/africa
carbonTRACK’s technology connects energy generators, energy distributors and energy consumers – delivering embedded networks, Virtual Power Plants and facilitating smart grids. It enables a distributed energy future.

About GREENFOX Agencies; http://www.greenfoxagencies.co.za/
GREENFOX creates solutions to the world’s complex energy problems. Their products meet the energy demands of today while unlocking the potential of a sustainable energy future safely, economically, and efficiently. Their goal is to eliminate fossil fuel usage in transport, utilities, industry, micro-grids, and regions with no energy access with products that massively reduce cost and improve performance at least 10x.

About Alpha Energy; https://alpha-energy.co.za
Alpha Energy is the official Distributor of the Kilowatt Labs Sirius Capacitor Storage Modules and Centauri Energy Server. It has been involved in the Thermal and Photovoltaic Market since 2009. Since 2018 over 20 Megawatt of Sirius Supercapacitor Modules have been installed. Alpha Energy is committed to delivering energy related products to its clients that are sustainable and meet the lifespan requirements of their Photovoltaic or backup solutions.

carbonTRACK Africa: 
a: Kyalami Business Park,41 Kyalami Boulevard, Main Road- Kyalami, Gauteng 1684, South Africa
w: https://carbontrack.co m.au/africa
t: 064 504 3833