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62% of Australians plan to shop online more than they did before the virus

However, about a third (31%) have already been victims of an online shopping scam.

Sydney, Australia, (25th August 2020) - New research published by software comparison platform, Capterra, investigated how COVID-19 has changed the shopping habits of Australians. The survey of 1,020 Australians highlights that more people are buying online—yet there are still heavy concerns about online security and fraud.


The Rise of Online Shopping

  •  90% of respondents said they have shopped online at least once this year.
  • 62% of Australians plan to shop online more than they did before the virus.
  • More than half (56%) will leave an online shop if it doesn’t offer their preferred payment method.


Consequently, businesses have had to pay more attention to their online presence and drive forward their digital offerings. When the lockdown rules began to relax in May, Capterra Australia (www.capterra.com.au) experienced a 47% increase in the number of business professionals searching for eCommerce software, in comparison to April. 

Retailers also took the opportunity to improve their delivery services, with the same period showing 61% more people exploring distribution software—a technology that manages processes such as inventory tracking and warehousing.


Cybercriminals are targeting Australian eCommerce customers

Cybersecurity is a huge concern for consumers when purchasing online:


  • 81% are concerned about online security threats when shopping.
  • Around a third (31%) have already been victims of an online shopping scam.


To help build trust, eCommerce brands need to educate Australian shoppers on how they’re mitigating cyber threats. Further to this, encouraging their shoppers to follow secure passwords practices when creating a customer account will reduce email phishing attacks and the potential for malpractice. 


While there is still a desire from consumers to shop in-store, retailers can take the increase of online shopping in Australia as a queue to invest more in their digital shopping services.


How consumers will choose to shop post-COVID-19 is difficult to predict, but one thing is for certain: Brands that provide the most seamless and informative online experience now will better position themselves to succeed during a time of uncertainty.” – Anna Hammond, Content Analyst.




Survey Methodology

 Capterra wanted to understand how Australians are changing their online shopping habits in light of COVID-19. To ensure the survey panel represents the wider consumer market, we included all ages, employment types, salaries and levels of technical knowledge. 


We surveyed people living in Australia, and over the age of 18-years-old. The participants come from various employment statuses, business sectors and levels of seniority. The panel includes 58% female and 42% male respondents, and incomes ranged from less than $15,000 per annum to more than $201,000 per annum.


The Online Shopping Habits in Australia survey ran between 14th and 22nd of July. 


About Capterra

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