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Virbac Launches Australian Cattle Drench Innovation

The world’s first dual active cattle pour-on powered by DMI-SorbTM technology - Cydectin Platinum



Virbac Launches Australian Cattle Drench Innovation

The world’s first dual active cattle pour-on powered by DMI-SorbTM technology.

Virbac Australia has launched Cydectin Platinum, the next generation of cattle pour-on drenches. It is the world’s first dual active moxidectin and levamisole cattle pour-on powered by DMI-SorbTM technology, to offer cattle producers unrivalled worm control. 

Cydectin Platinum was developed, tested and manufactured locally in Australia and is Virbac’s second innovative drench combination in only three years following the success of Tridectin for sheep producers. Innovation in this space is becoming rare due to the extensive cost and commitment needed to bring new products to market. The development of Cydectin Platinum has taken 7 years and has involved Australian farmers, veterinarians, formulation experts, parasitologists and market experts. 

The technology behind the product makes Cydectin Platinum highly effective against single and dual resistant worms, and includes a claim for reduced pasture contamination for 21 to 35 days. Cydectin Platinum is the only combination drench with persistency claims and also has the shortest WHP and ESI of any combination drench on the market ensuring cattle producers never miss a market opportunity.

The DMI-SorbTM  technology makes Cydectin Platinum a non-irritant pour-on that ‘stays on’ to enhance penetration and reduce absorption variability of the actives between animals. The product does not irritate the skin or damage the hide and is rainfast from two hours after treatment. The use of DMI is a first for an animal product in Australia, but is already used in human cosmetics. 

Dr Matt Ball, Tech Services Manager at Virbac said Cydectin Platinum is highly effective against key current worm strains in cattle including those that are highly resistant. 

“Dual actives allow worms to be attacked in different ways, killing the worms learning to survive single active drench chemicals.”

“This drench is a game-changer, offering unrivalled dual active worm control in the convenience of a pour-on with a short ESI and no known effect on dung beetles. It can easily replace the use of any cattle drench,” he said.

The product has been rigorously tested in registration trials across Australia under stringent conditions against the most current worm strains sourced from different cattle regions. In all trials Cydectin Platinum was highly effective.

Tiago Carmona, Senior Cattle Product Manager at Virbac Australia, says Cydectin Platinum is the result of innovative thinking and the next level of animal health science and technology for drenches. 

“Virbac is leading the way in technology-led product development in the livestock anthelmintic industry. Cydectin Platinum has raised the bar in terms of overall performance expectations for worm control,” he said.

“Cydectin Platinum, a locally developed, tested and manufactured product delivers what Australian cattle farmers have asked for - a highly effective cattle drench with short withholding periods in the convenience of a pour-on.”

“The product is available from all major animal health suppliers around Australia.” says Tiago. 

Worms cause significant productivity loss to cattle in Australia.  Farmers are encouraged to discuss this new product innovation with their advisors. 



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