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Oil Condition Monitoring Extends Equipment Life

Vehicle Technologies and Senquip are pleased to announce a real-time oil monitoring solution.

Oil condition monitoring enables equipment operators to reduce operating costs, extend service intervals, minimise breakdowns, extend equipment life, and increase equipment productivity.

Vehicle Technologies and Senquip have worked together to bring a remote oil condition monitoring solution to market. Any type of oil can now be monitored real-time, in-line, in any application, across all temperature and pressure ranges.


The patented oil-sensor technology delivers exceptional sensitivity to any change in oil condition from machine wear, additive depletion, or contamination due to water, acid, soot, and dust.

The Senquip ORB interfaces to the oil contamination sensor, allowing real-time monitoring, and generation of warnings and alarms. Other vehicle data such as position, speed, pitch, roll and engine temperature can also be monitored.

For more information, contact vehicle technologies at sales@vehicletech.co.nz or see the technical tip at https://docs.senquip.com/tech_tips/TT011.pdf.