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Website Design Refresh

It's Spring Cleaning Season

The onset of spring brings with it notions of spring cleaning and growth. Your website is one such area that can be subject to both of these processes. 

A particular area often neglected by business owners is optimising their website design across all devices. Over half of all internet traffic today is driven by mobile; Failing to ensure that your website is responsive to mobile devices can be a dealbreaker in this age. Whether you focus on improving your Graphic Design, or follow the footsteps of our Web Design Newcastle clients by hiring a location specific project manager, a refresh of your website can be the best thing you do for your business this spring. 

WordPress Hosting Australia is also something to consider when updating your website - after all, what’s the point of optimising your website and refreshing its design, if only for hackers? Hosting in Australia with pepperit streamlines the process, removing the hassle of overseas call centers and support ticket lodging. 

Whether it’s through Graphic Design, Web Design Newcastle, or Wordpress Hosting Australia, spring is coming and it’s time to dust off your website. 

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Nicole Shelley

Head of Marketing


t. 02 9327 7775

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