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Your Comprehensive Guide to Effective Minimalist Web Design

As you may be looking to refresh your current web design, you may be considering going minimalist. This is because it is one of the most recognisable and viable trends online.

Minimalism has crossed so many industries at this point, starting with interior design and recently becoming a lifestyle choice. But when it comes to website design, what should you take note of?

This guide lists all the quintessential features of minimalist website design. As this may be a drastic change in your branding identity, everything has to harmonise together. In fact, that is pivotal to successfully integrate minimalist design into your business website. Take time to concern yourself and your team with the following:

1. Aesthetically-Pleasing White Space

White space or negative space is a famously associated term in minimalism. It refers to blank spaces filled in with interesting elements. In terms of website design, you want tons of white space between certain features, such as written content and graphics. These are what help your users easily associate and get hooked into each specific product or service on your website.

As you are coming up with your landing page, use white space as a way to draw attention to a website feature. For instance, imagine placing an alluring pastel pink button at the centre of your screen. Since there is nothing else around, viewers will be enticed to press it. That is the beauty of white or negative space.

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