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Who Switched the Lights On? is one of the most learned books about life.




Who Switched the Lights On? is one of the most learned books about life.


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The Kind Press is proud to announce the release of Who Switched the Lights On? by Pina Di Donato.


This exceptionally heartfelt book offers peace and understanding as you dance through your inner soul journey.


More than just another self-help book, Who Switched the Lights On? is one of the more profound and realistic books about life that summarises an eye-opening ten-year journey. The author masterfully extracted the key learnings from that confronting, yet enlightening, time so you, too, can walk in harmony through your life.


Clean away the cobwebs and darkness that keep you stagnant and break free using genuine guidance and experience.


Be prepared to shine brighter than you ever have; triumphant and graceful. Who Switched the Lights On? is a companion guide for the person ready to have an illuminated life.



Pina Di Donato is an avid philanthropist, business person, highly experienced marketing professional and author.


She has held many board positions with not for profit organisations, including being Deputy Chair of Northern Health Foundation and established a pivotal charity arm, whilst helping to rebuild one of the largest poultry producers in Australia.


As a co-author of the history and business book, A Long Way from Home, she brings her articulate documentation skills to Who Switched the Lights On? which shares such important themes of hope, faith and gratitude and is a reassuring book about life.




Pina Di Donato states, “Awakening is a process. It is one that I am still progressing through. Living an authentic life involves becoming un-conditioned, and that takes time. It takes time to adjust to all the things you couldn’t see before. It is painful and it takes a great deal of reflection, introspection and awareness. But being aware means that you can now distinguish between the dark and the light. My wish is that Who Switched the Lights On? will be a companion as you journey through the incredible life you have been given, whatever that looks like for you. A book that you use for inspiration, comfort and reassurance as you find out what it means to live authentically in today’s world. Who Switched the Lights On? guides you to confront and embrace change, and to inspire and uplift those around you in meaningful ways.”





Who Switched the Lights On? by Pina Di Donato

8 September 2020 | $26.99 | the kind press | paperback & e-book



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Media Kit and author images available here.


Pina is available to discuss:

The main topics related to the book and Pina can offer expert insight into are:

Branding, Business and Leadership - with a particular focus on family businesses and the role of gender in the workplace.

Philanthropy - The rewards. The importance of legacy.

Family/Parenting - the role of culture and how this is passed down through the generations. The stories we tell ourselves. Conditioning and the process of unconditioning.

The search for true meaning and purpose. My process of awakening and the road towards becoming more enlightened.


Media Contact:

Candice Meisels


0481 369 484


For media enquiries regarding Who Switched the Lights On?,

please contact Pina at pina@pinadidonato.com

Or the kind press publisher@thekindpress.com