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Town of Cottesloe selects DCA Cities to deliver Integrated Parking Management System

Announcement posted by Database Consultants Australia 10 Sep 2020

An integrated parking management system to improve parking at Cottesloe will be delivered by Database Consultants Australia (DCA), after being awarded a five year contract following a competitive tender process.
Seeking to upgrade their existing parking technology, the Town of Cottesloe opted for an integrated parking technology system to electronically detect parking arrival and departure, accurately detect overstays and transmit details to Rangers hand-held devices.

The partnership between DCA and Council will see the implementation of a parking management system designed to reduce congestion, increase parking bay turnover and make parking more equitable for the community.
Town of Cottesloe Mayor Phil Angers said, The Town is looking to fairly manage parking turnover to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy all that Cottesloe has to offer.
“With a small team, it’s important that the new parking management system can do this with the highest of accuracy and minimal administration.” he added.
Cottesloe residents and tourists are set to benefit from less congestion and an improved parking experience through wayfinding technology. Using an innovative app, people will be able to search and navigate to, in real-time, a large proportion of the parking available in Cottesloe.
For more information contact: Kristy Cook (03) 8317 8175 or communications@data.com.au
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About The Town of Cottesloe
The Town of Cottesloe is a local government authority located 15 minutes west of Perth’s CBD. The Town of Cottesloe is an iconic coastal community with a relaxed lifestyle. The Town’s mission is to preserve Cottesloe's natural and built environment and beach lifestyle by using sustainable strategies in consultation with the community.

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