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Clear Credit Solutions On Track For Consecutive Credit Repair Award

Announcement posted by Clear Credit Solutions 10 Sep 2020

Outstanding reviews continue through COVID-19
During COVID-19 while most business were hamstrung or had to stop operations entirely, Clear Credit Solutions has continued to assist clients Australia-wide with credit repair. With an influx of clients suddenly discovering more free time on their hands, a lot of Australians have looked to their credit report health while the world deals with the ongoing pandemic. 

When checking their credit report health, some Australians have discovered a credit default which could be impacting future finance applications and their pending approval. To some this may come as a surprise, to others it may be a remembered previous unresolved dispute with a creditor some time ago. Regardless of the situation, a credit default not only impacts future finance applications but also a consumer's credit score. However the solution to fix bad credit Australia lies with a credit repair company.

One thing to look for in the industry of fix credit reports is transparency and previous reviews. Clear Credit Solutions having won the Product Review Award for 2020 is on track to winning this again for 2021. Powering through the pandemic, still helping Australian's with their credit health and receiving outstanding reviews for the service they offer it is easy to see why Clear Credit Solutions may be in the running to consecutively win the Product Review Award for Best Credit Repair Company. 

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