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Industry OneCARD™ Provides Unique Solutions for a Global Workforce

Is your business complacent or compliant?

Ensuring every employee has the required credentials within a global workforce can be an overwhelming task. The situation is further complicated by changing regulations. The unique platform developed by Industry OneCARD™ offers a highly advanced system for managing a comprehensive range of credentialing.

The Industry OneCard™ provides contractors, small businesses, and service providers with the means to catalog and document all the training, certifications, and qualifications of the individuals they employ or are considering for positions. The company’s software system is capable of documenting licensing, police clearances, and immigration visas. The system also provides reminders when refresher courses or licenses need to be renewed.

Businesses must ensure compliance as a legal requirement and can even face manslaughter charges if an employee isn’t qualified to do the work they’re performing. There are stiff penalties and fines for compliance failures. Industry OneCARD™ manages employee training records to ensure employers have access to the skilled labor force they need. An added benefit is that companies that maintain a well-trained and competent workforce earn a superior reputation.

Training records management at Industry OneCARD™ is cloud based so there’s no additional software to clutter client’s internal systems, but it can be integrated into clients’ existing programs if they desire. All data is maintained to the highest standards of security and only authorized personnel have the ability to upload information. An individual’s data can be accessed with a mobile device via QR code and embedded in their CV.

The Industry OneCARD™ offers a unique record management system software for any industry and is particularly beneficial for clients with the most stringent professional requirements. Data is maintained in a single convenient cloud-based location and the company’s highly-trained staff performs all the data entry to avoid confusion and errors. The company is a single solution for compliance with a global workforce encompassing training and licensing to immigration visas.

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