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Low waste kitchen revolution: how getting organised can save your sanity and the planet

SUSTOMi supporters have saved 20,000,000 pieces of plastic from entering landfill and oceans

Low waste kitchen revolution: how getting organised can save your sanity and the planet


  • Tasmanian eco entrepreneur, Bronwyn Kidd, adds youthful voice to low waste living
  • SUSTOMi supporters have saved 20,000,000 pieces of plastic from entering landfill and oceans
  • Podcast Life Freshly Sorted offers guidance with food, environment and mindset
  • Beeswax wraps, silicone bowl covers and silicone fridge pouches as alternatives to plastic
  • Customised beeswax wraps now available


Walking into a local suburban Hobart cafe, Bronwyn Kidd, could be mistaken for a university student as she takes a seat, orders a chai and starts tapping away on her laptop. The young 20-something is enjoying a work-from-home day, but don’t be fooled by the casual, youthful exterior. This trailblazer is on a mission to change the world.


When Kidd returned from overseas travel five years ago, the passionate Tasmanian had acquired a fresh perspective of the way of the world, and she was not entirely happy about it. She decided it was high time an Australian voice joined the growing following of a much-needed lifestyle revolution: the low waste movement.


Thinking big picture, Kidd engaged in national research and realised there was a lack of access to obtainable resources helping people transition from high waste to low waste lifestyles. In 2016, SUSTOMi was born. The company’s mission remains the same since its inception; to be a market-leading voice for reducing single-use plastic consumption in the home.


By far the most popular product within SUSTOMi’s range is the original mainstay beeswax wrap; an easy, low waste alternative to single use cling wrap. Designed to be playful and fun to use, the brightly coloured patterns and a light honey smell make this product a feel-good choice in the kitchen.

“SUSTOMi is a stylish, modern, no-nonsense way of tackling a massive issue. We want to offer access to obtainable solutions and do that with complete transparency. All of our products are carefully designed and refined to keep in alignment with our values – to provide customers with low waste goods and good intention,” Kidd said.

 With environmental impact and wellbeing as Kidd’s key business focus, SUSTOMi tracks its sales and expected usage closely. From beeswax wraps to silicone covers and pouches, reusable shopping bags and clever lunch bags, there are many easy ways to give low waste living a try.

 “To date, our supporters have helped us save 20,000,000 pieces of plastic from entering landfill and oceans. Our message is very simple: more people adapting to low waste lifestyles is far better than a small handful of the community living zero waste lifestyles. We offer easy solutions for those who are ready to make incremental lifestyle changes today,” Kidd firmly stated.

 Alongside useful kitchen products, Kidd has recently launched her own podcast to further reach and inspire the low waste movement. The program titled Life Freshly Sorted is available on all popular podcast streaming services, featuring special guests sharing their thoughts on all things relating to low waste living, health and wellbeing.

 “With Australians spending more time at home this year, now is the time to reflect consciously on your consumption habits, deciding how your environmental choices at home impacts the wider community and future generations,” Kidd added.

 Launching this month, SUSTOMi will be taking orders for customised beeswax wraps for business gift ideas (logo print, brand colours) and personalised wraps (children’s drawings, photos) in time for early December Christmas deliveries. Feelgood Female Fitness gym owner, Andrea Franke, was one of the first businesses to order custom branded wraps as gifts for her members.

“We are always thinking of ways to surprise and delight our members. Not only do the beeswax wraps look great with our logo, but the product is aligned with our sustainable lifestyle philosophy. It’s a way to remind our loyal members to take care of their health and wellbeing at home too,” XXX said.

 To celebrate its new product  launch, SUSTOMi is offering 10% off on orders received before 16 October 2020. Order quantities and prices vary, with the most popular option being the small, medium and large 3-wrap packs. Don’t delay though, delivery is six weeks from the date of order, and believe it or not Christmas 2020 is just around the corner.

 “We are very excited to be launching these customised beeswax wraps to Australian businesses and families. Not only are we making our products even more accessible to meet our environmental impact goals, but we are also spreading joy and encouraging a sense of fun at a time when it is needed most this year,” Kidd shared.

 For more information, visit: https://sustomi.com.au/corporate-gifts/






 About SUSTOMi

SUSTOMi was established in 2016 by Bronwyn Kidd in Tasmania, Australia. The business mission is to encourage Australians to live healthier, low-waste lives through their philosophy, Your life: freshly sorted.


Bronwyn also hosts a podcast, Life freshly sorted, featuring special guests offering their wisdom on getting life freshly sorted in a purposeful, low waste way. This podcast is available on a number of platforms including iTunes and Spotify.


Alongside its educational value, SUSTOMi also sells alternatives to household plastics to help shift consumption habits. These products include beeswax wraps, silicone food pouches and silicone covers.


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