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ARDEX Australia Training Webinars For Formal Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Announcement posted by ARDEX Australia 23 Sep 2020

As a member of the Refuel CPD Provider Network, ARDEX Australia offers a convenient and cost-effective way for industry professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest construction material innovations and acquire formal CPD points. As a part of the ARDEXacademy and its series of ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development, you can increase vital know-how about ARDEX Australia’s products. (https://ardexaustralia.com/services/event-directory/)

The training webinars for Continual Professional Development cover crucial topics within the construction industry, including: 

– The four key components of successful waterproofing

– Floor preparation for resilient and textile floor finishes

– Understanding grout


These one-hour online webinars offer 1 formal Continual Professional Development Point each and are offered online by ARDEX Australia. Upon completion of the training webinars, you will have comprehensive knowledge on the topics mentioned above, with the ability to identify both issues that can arise with their application and the critical components of a successful application.

The ARDEX Australia series of training webinars for continual professional development are available three times a month on Friday from 10.00 to 11.00 am.

What You’ll Learn During ARDEX Australia Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development

The 4 key components of successful waterproofing

The one-hour training webinar will cover the steps necessary to successfully apply a waterproofing solution to your project. It includes choosing the right product, applying it correctly, supervising its application and the design, and detailing process. Upon completion of the webinar, you will not only learn what is necessary for successful waterproofing but also assess and solve potential problems that may arise during their application.

Floor preparation for resilient and textile floor finishes

A one-hour webinar covering how to prepare floors for resilient or textile-based floor finishes. The webinar will cover the importance of slab flatness, screed performance and slab moisture levels when applying these types of flooring solutions. When you complete the training webinar, you will be able to assess and deliver solutions for slab moisture, the components necessary to prepare a floor to accept textile or resilient floor finishes, and alternatives to traditional cement and sand screed.

Understanding grout

This one-hour webinar will introduce you to the various options available to you when choosing grout for tiling applications. Our experienced instructor will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each specific type of grout. The webinar will also cover common issues, such as efflorescence, when applying grout and how to resolve them.

Why do you need ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development?

ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development gives you the knowledge necessary to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest industry innovations, materials and applications. Depending on the profession and the regulators or professional bodies that regulate it, Continual Professional Development might be a requirement to continue practicing your specialty. As a member of the Refuel CPD Provider network, ARDEX Australia’s training webinars cover formal CPD point requirements for designers, architects and specifiers.