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Project Laneways on How to Deal With Difficult Co-workers

Questions about how to deal with difficult individuals in the workplace seem to have increased during the COVID-19 crisis, so Project Laneways thought they could provide some support. As a result they are now offering 90 minute lunchtime workshops on how to deal with difficult co-workers - only available to Project Laneways customers. More here https://www.project-laneways.com.au/certification-courses/difficult-co-workers#DWDP-Dates 


These workshops offer a structured approach to dealing with difficult people, if you are frequently frustrated by the behaviour of someone you work with. You find you are unable to make progress because one person seems to be blocking you, and are unsure how to deal with this colleague. You may also be feeling threatened and stressed by a co-worker, and feeling helpless when dealing with a particular staff member. 


This 90 minute workshop and the accompanying handout will provide with a structured approach that should restore feelings of control and allow you to progress with your work happier and more effectively. 


It explains an innovative structured approach to dealing with difficult co-workers, and explains five steps and nine useful guidelines. An accompanying handout explores the eight most common types of difficult co-workers, explaining their behaviour with tips on what to do and what not to do. 


Workshops are held over the lunch period making it easy to fit into a busy work schedule, and will be held using Microsoft Teams which is available on most devices. The design is highly interactive with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss real issues. The material is based on extensive research, personal experience and discussions with a well-regarded psychotherapist. 


By attending this workshop you will understand how to analyse problems with co-workers and how to set objectives and formulate strategies, providing you with nine guidelines to help you prepare yourself to take effective action. The workshop will expand on the eight most common types of difficult co-workers and how to recognise the behaviour; what to do and what not to do.  


This free workshop is only available to existing customers of Project Laneways, so for more information on change management courses, scrum training Melbourne and change management Melbourne please go to https://www.project-laneways.com.au .