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Welcome to the world of Bend and Stretch Wellness with Karen Deegan Rudd

Announcement posted by Cindication 29 Sep 2020

Supporting our kids and their mental health!

29 September 2020

Welcome to the world of Bend and Stretch Wellness
with Karen Deegan-Rudd


Karen Deegan-Rudd is a Gold Coast yoga teacher delivering strong support to children. 


Based in Currumbin, Karen is sharing some of the tools she has discovered to help her find inner balance and deep connection. 


“As a child I did not have the structures that allowed me to feel support, freedom or happiness,” she says. “I struggled with self love and as a result of this, I created a world of escapism through imagination that allowed me to cope with the loneliness. As an adult I discovered yoga and mindfulness, this began the journey of self-love, acceptance and the balance I was craving as a child. I made the connection that what I was learning as an adult, I could have learnt as a child. This made me wonder why it was not taught to children and it has given me the passion to fulfil this.”


Karen previously taught in the juvenile justice system and is now focused on childcare centres across Queensland. 

“I believe everyone can benefit from a practise of self-love and that inspires me to work on building a structure of mindfulness with young children,” she says. 

Read more on the Bend and Stretch Wellness website:


See Karen’s range of Angel Cards:


Karen is now on YouTube:

Watch Yoga for Kids “I am Brave”:

Watch Yoga for Kids “I am Always Trying”:


Also: “I am Happiness”, “I am a Good Friend”, “I am Healthy”, “I am Happy Thoughts” and more!

* For more information/ interview requests please contact:

Karen via email: bendandstretchyoga@gmail.com
Or mobile: (+61) 0438 316 310


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