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Outstanding Leadership Awards championing Kindness and Courage

Announcement posted by LeadershipHQ 05 Oct 2020

2020 Gala Event on 16th October and 2021 Nominations Open 19th October 2020

Championing and shining a light on kind, courageous and outstanding leaders and businesses during our toughest year


If there are two things, we have needed in 2020, that is kindness and courage. In a year of uncertainty and devastation, leaders and businesses from all walks of life are facing their toughest test.

LeadershipHQ is one company who has stayed truly courageous this year by hosting the inaugural Outstanding Leadership Awards. With over 100 finalists from across Australia and New Zealand as well as great partners such as DHL Express and CQU, we have seen the greatest examples of kind and courageous leadership. We also have the renowned former CEO of Kmart Guy Russo as our keynote speaker.


These awards which have been postponed three times in 2020 due to COVID and we are focused on being fourth time lucky with the Gala Event happening on 16th October with over 200 people attending the event and over 150 live-streaming. With finalists such has the team at Orange Sky Laundry, Catherine Clark CEO of Netball Queensland, Students from Johnathan Thurston Academy, Dr Dan Wilson from Regional Victoria plus many more examples of great leadership.

We are being shown that courageous, kind and inclusive leadership is seeing Australians and New Zealanders show resilience and come together to move through disaster.

It is timely that LeadershipHQ will be launching the 2021 Outstanding Leadership Awards on 19th October with CQU coming on board again as our Gold Sponsor and new categories such as –

           CEO — Large Corporation

           CEO — Medium Corporation

           Courageous Team— Corporate

           Courageous Team— Community

           Courageous Team— Public Sector

           Courageous Leader of the Year

           Team Leader of the Year

           Indigenous Leader

           Future Leader

           Public Sector Leader

           Community Leader

           SME Business Leader

           Start Up Leader

           Student Leader

           Women in Construction

           Women in Stem

           Outstanding Leader 2021


Announcing the Gala event 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards ceremony on 16th October and 2021 Awards nominations on 19th October, LeadershipHQ Managing Director Sonia McDonald said LeadershipHQ was on a mission to build a world of kind and courageous leaders.

“Now, more than ever, the world needs great leaders to help us weather the storms that we are facing,” Sonia said.

“At its core, leadership is about courage, impact, action and kindness. At LeadershipHQ we want to help aspiring and current leaders see what great leadership is about and to lead with courage, and we want to shine a light on leaders who are making an impact at this time. We want to show the positive and inspiring side of leadership when we see so much negativity around leadership.”

“Our 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards will be announced on 16th October at Victoria Park with over 250 finalists and people attending. We are thrilled to also be able to live stream the awards for people across the country to tune in, also, and hear more about the courageous leadership we are seeing in Australia and New Zealand.”


A list of the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards finalists is available on the Leadership HQ website.

Nominations for the 2021 Outstanding Leadership Awards open on 19th October 2021.

LeadershipHQ was born out of a passion to work with people and build great leadership. Sonia McDonald combined a love of writing and inspiring with experience from a HR background to build a name and career in a global context. She believes leadership is an attitude and mindset and we can all be leaders.

Sonia’s passion for leadership means she works with leaders to support them, their organisations, industries and communities to gain the knowledge and awareness they need to build kind, courageous and inclusive leadership.

View the new LeadershipHQ website for more information on LeadershipHQ and the Awards: www.leadershiphq.com.au.


For more information or to interview Sonia McDonald or one of the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards finalists, contact:

Sonia McDonald | 0424 447 616 | sonia@leadershiphq.com.au



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