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Webinar Series Unite Producers in Quest for Improved Livestock Productivity

A DEDICATED Webinar Series will be hosted by recent Multimin Performance Ready Challenge participants to share their results and achievements in improved livestock health using cattle multi-mineral injection Multimin.

 The Multimin Performance Ready Challengers sharing their experiences will include Tim Reid “Melon Pastoral Company” Roslyn NSW and Emma Patterson, “Bonnydale” Kingaroy QLD.

Also, in attendance will be Virbac Australia’s Livestock Category Marketing Manager for Nutrition, Jerry Liu and Technical Services Manager for nutrition, Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas.

“In this webinar series, I’ll present and highlight the benefits producers can gain from integrating Multimin into their animal husbandry programs, Multimin can boost animal immunity, fertility, and performance, Multimin helps improve vaccine response, which is an aid to prevent disease. Multimin can also improve conception rates, and embryo survival which improves farm profitability,” Dr Paula said.

With the first of the Webinar Series proving very successful, a following two dates have been set for the 14th October (Cattle Fertility) and 19th October (Weaner Health) Interested producers can register via au.virbac.com/webinars

Multimin challenger Tim Reid will be presenting his results using Multimin and described the webinars as a great opportunity to share the positive gains that can be achieved with the product across a range of animal groups.

“Taking part in the challenge has been a fantastic opportunity to learn from other producers but also share our experiences and results, being able to work with Virbac representatives such as Paula and Jerry plus seeing first-hand independent data backing up what we have been seeing visually in our treated animals,” Mr Reid said.

“While competing in the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge, we saw a big difference with the overall health of our weaners. Using health scoring, we recorded half as many cases of disease in the weaners given Mutimin, one month after treatment, and an even bigger difference at 2 months after treatment. Going forward we plan to administer Multimin 1 month prior to weaning to ensure the calves experience no set backs after weaning” he said.
Multimin also paid off for Emma Patterson of Kingaroy QLD, “Overall, there has been a 6% increase in our conceptions to ET, a 10% increase in the AI conceptions, and a 15% decrease in the empties after our AI program. For us, this means more cattle conceived overall, within the period, therefore more calves on the ground, which equates to more money!” Emma said.

Similar benefits can also be achieved in sheep flocks with fellow challenger James Burge commenting, “Using Multimin pre-joining this year versus not using any last year, we had less dry sheep, few singles, more twins and more foetuses scanned overall. As we are targeting more lambs from few ewes, these results are really positive for us”.

Registrations for the webinars are now open and can be completed online via au.virbac.com/webinars

ABOUT MULTIMIN Multimin is a 4 in 1 trace mineral injection which is scientifically proven to rapidly and accurately top up trace minerals. This can help with increasing fertility, improving immune function and health, and optimizing growth and development in your sheep or cattle.

The Multimin Performance Ready Challenge is a 12-month competition that sees producers Australia wide use Multimin in their animal health programs and share their story on a dedicated Facebook group that can be found here. All producers will go in the running to win a professional development study tour and a 12-month supply of Multimin.
There are limited spots available to join the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge, so apply now if you’re interested!

Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Virbac Nutrition Webinars on the 14th and 19th October. Interested producers can register via au.virbac.com/webinars


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