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Senquip Releases ORB Battery Life Calculator

Estimate battery life when running of AA batteries

Senquip™ has released a battery life calculator for its range of ORB Sensor Gateways.

The ORB can be powered from 10V to 75V, solar or AA batteries. The calculator allows a user to specify what sensors are used, how often they are measured, the reporting interval and method, and from that, estimates battery life.

The ORB takes 4 standard AA batteries, with Lithium being preferred due to high energy density, long shelf life, and leak resistance. All ORBs contain an internal rechargeable battery that, when pre-charged, will further extend battery life.

As an example, an ORB is measuring a 4-20mA sensor, a voltage sensor, pitch, roll, temperature, pressure, and battery voltage every 10 minutes, with a GPS reading once a day. If the ORB transmits via GSM once a day, the estimated battery life is 2 years.

The battery calculator can be downloaded at: http://docs.senquip.com/tools/SOF0001.xlsx

Senquip™ ORBs connect to almost any industrial sensors or systems, and transmit the data measured to the Senquip Portal, a company server or SCADA system.