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CAN version of Senquip ORB

The ORB can now connect to even more systems.

Senquip™ is pleased to announce a CAN bus enabled version of its popular ORB sensor gateway. The new CAN enabled ORB-C1 will allow connection to all kinds of machines, vehicles, and sensors.

The CAN protocol eliminates the need for excessive wiring by allowing many electronic devices to communicate on the same two wires. The ORB-C1 takes advantage of this, enabling data from multiple sensors and systems to be measured and sent to the Senquip Portal, a company server, or SCADA system.

In many cases, the protocol that is being used on the CAN bus is known, and so large volumes of understandable data can be extracted. Common CAN protocols supported by the ORB-C1 include: J1939 in trucks and busses, ISO11783 for agricultural tractors, ISO 11992 between trucks and trailers, NMEA 2000 for marine use, and CANopen for industrial sensors.

Samples of the ORB-C1 are available now with production versions arriving in early November. For more information, please visit our website at www.senquip.com or see our user guide at http://docs.senquip.com/orbug/.