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Sydney Chiropractor Celebrates World Spine Day

World Spine Day highlights the burden of spinal pain and disability around the world.

Ryde, NSW, Australia - 15 October 2020 - Sydney chiropractic clinic Ryde Chiropractic will be celebrating its first World Spine Day with free pre-consultations to raise awareness for spinal health care.

Taking place on October 16 each year, World Spine Day highlights the burden of spinal pain and disability around the world.

Ryde Chiropractic’s free pre-consultations will be available to all visiting patients with no obligations. 

In alignment with the purpose of World Spine Day and as part of his consultations, Dr. Anthony Leong (Chiropractor) will be answering questions on spinal problems, potential treatment plans and other back care complications.

“Your spine is your lifeline. Problems that stem from poor habits, poor posture or injury can have far reaching effects in someone’s life and may decrease quality of life.”

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Leong has noticed the increased influx of spinal pain patients into his clinic as a direct result of working from home initiatives and a lack of physical exercise.

Working as part of World Spine Day’s ‘Back on Track’ theme, Dr. Leong hopes his free pre-consultations will encourage patients to seek any necessary spinal treatment and chiropractic care.

“Those who visit Ryde Chiropractic will receive any necessary professional advice about their posture, habits and spinal health as well as as well as any necessary hands on care and rehabilitation. This is what we love to focus on everyday ,” said Dr. Leong.

World Spine Day will fall on the 16th of October and will be organised by the World Federation of Chiropractic. The day aims to highlight the burdens of spinal pain and promote treatment strategies for spinal disabilities.

In Australia, World Spine Day is hosted by the Australian Chiropractic Association.

Find out more about World Spine Day here.


About Ryde Chiropractic: Ryde Chiropractic, founded Dr. Anthony Leong (Chiropractor), has over 18+ years of ‘hands-on’ chiropractic experience, having helped thousands of patients reduce their pain and improve their health.

Official Disclaimer: “Dr. Anthony Leong (Chiropractor) from Ryde Chiropractic is an Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) registered Doctor of Chiropractic (provider number: CHI0001655060.”

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